Pop Cloud - Cotton Candy

Pop Cloud - Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Pop Clouds consists of a delicious cotton candy floating flavor with a slight hint of fizz of your favorite candy. The inhale is a soft cotton candy flavor with a slight fizz that seems to burst the flavor in your mouth. The exhale is an undertone of the inhale and it gives you a smooth cotton candy taste, that seems to just float. This is a delicious cotton candy E-liquid and should be considered if you’re in the market for a great cotton candy vape.

Brand Recognition:

Pop Clouds E-Liquids is brought to you from the makers of FRYD Liquids.

Pop Clouds E-Liquids, from sunny Southern California, are well known for creating delicious pop inspired vape candy treats.  Pop Clouds E-Liquids repertoire of candy vape flavors keeps you yearning for more! Each flavor comes in its own flavor-themed colorful eye-catching box. If you’re a candy vape lover, then Pop Clouds E-Liquids are a must! 

100ml bottle and comes with 3mg of nicotine.