Harry Potter - Harry Potter's Wand Replica

Harry Potter - Harry Potter's Wand Replica

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£30.00 Approx $41.27, €35.13

The wand chooses the wizard, dont you know? This wand wants to be in your collection! An authentic replica of Harry Potter's wand, this handsome wand measures 14 inches and every detail is there. 

Dont settle for imitation sticks, this Harry's wand is a piece of officially licensed merchandise. It comes in a replica of the orginal Ollivander's box. No matter if you simply want to show this wand off to guests at dinner parties, practice a bit basic spellery or dual with dark witches and wizards, this wand is for you. 

Unique and sturdy, this wand is bound to bring years of joy for any witch, wizard or muggle that brings this home. By choosing this wand, I am sure we can expect great thinsg from you!

Authentic replica of the movie prop

  • Size 14 (35.5cm) long
  • Comes in replica Ollivanders wand box
  • Officially licensed Wizarding World product