Negan Baseball Bat with Blood

Negan Baseball Bat with Blood

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The Walking Dead - Negan’s Lucille ‘Take It Like A Champ’ Bloody Baseball Bat Replica

Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever cross paths with Rick Grimes and his group. He is willing to execute those who get in his way with no remorse. His weapon of choice is his barb-wired baseball bat, Lucille. 

After the season 7 premiere, audiences were shocked at what they had just witnessed. Comic book fans knew what was coming, however the gory vision that played out on our TVs that night still gives us nightmares. Now you can own the star of “that” Glenn scene.

This full-sized plastic bat is perfect for your next The Walking Dead cosplay. It is 32” in length, highly detailed with blood and remnants from Glenn’s head, identical markings to the real Lucille and of course, plenty of barbed wire.